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I’m Linh – an engineer, passionate nutritionist and wordling.
My surprising career from engineer to a nutrition expert began in Berlin, the city I was born. After studying process engineering in Hamburg and Valladolid (Spain) and working as an engineer, I sensed a rising interest in helping people becoming healthier and happier. Now, I’m a passionate nutritionist who loves what she does.

Healthy and Delicious Cookbook: Recipes of a Holistic Nutritionist!

The recipes are not only healthy and delicious but also easy to implement and invite you to enjoy – from cooking to eating. The self-created dishes have a Far Eastern influence in many places and are therefore a must for all lovers of Southeast Asian cuisine.

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Buddha Bowl with baked Tofu and Edamame
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Want to try a new vegan Buddha bowl recipe? This plant based meal comes along with the popular edamame beans, baked tofu and cabbage, and a delicious Buddha bowl dressing. It's a gluten free dairy Buddha bowl, also ideal for meal prep.

Supercharged Salad with Oyster Mushrooms
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Would you like to have a vegan salad that is even better than Caesar salad? Try this plant based recipes with oyster mushrooms as substitution for chicken in your salad. You'll love this clean eating recipe with lots of whole foods in your healthy eating plan for your balanced diet.

Buddha bowl with marinated tempeh
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Want to try new Buddha bowl recipes? This one comes along with marinated tempeh (you can also swap with tofu) and vegetables from the Brassica family. So healthy and so tasty! Try out this vegan recipe and find out if you want to make this plant based meal over and over again.

green leafy salad with cherries
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Lacking creative salad ideas? I like to work in fruits in my salads. This one comes along with cherries, chickpeas and a tasty miso dressing. It's so delicious and healthy, you have to try it! Healthy salad recipes don't have to be boring at all!

Korean Bibimbap dish (vegetarian)
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Do you fancy the Korean Bibimbap dish but you're vegetarian? Here is the vegetarian (or vegan without egg) alternative for those who don't want to miss out the popular Korean Bibimbap.

raw vegan avocado lime tart
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Do you want a tart free of sugar, flour, and dairies? How about this no bake avocado lime tart, which is made of whole foods? This raw vegan cake is not only healthy but also super tasty! Try it!

arugula salad with avocado and pomegranate
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Do you like colorful salads? The more colorful vegetables and fruits are on your plate, the healthier it is. Make sure to get your vitamins and minerals in the most appealing way. Not only does this salad look pretty, but it is also healthy and delicious!

Indonesian Gado Gado with tempeh, green beans, potatoes, mung bean sprouts, carrots, chinese cabbage, red cabbage, peanut sauce, egg
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Are you a fan of Asian food? Have you ever tried Indonesian food? How about this Gado Gado? It's vegetarian or optionally vegan (if you leave out the egg) and can be done with tempeh or tofu. It's very easy to prepare and full of tasty whole foods!

My Cookbook

Healthy and Delicious Cookbook: Recipes of a Holistic Nutritionist with Influences from the Asian Cuisine – Free from Gluten, Dairies, and Refined Sugar

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