Stir Fry Cabbage Wok

This is a very simple dish from the Asian cuisine. With very simple ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, and eggs, you'll have a delicious and healthy dinner. Add some sichuan pepper and the experience will be highlightened. Try it!

Brazilian Moqueca (fish stew)

Have you ever tried Brazilian moqueca? I've tried it the first time in my sabbatical in Brazil and liked it right away. Here is my interpretation of it while swapping palm oil with turmeric and adding dill-weed as a herb, which so often fits well with fish dishes.

salmon dish with roasted pumpkin and pumpkin seeds with savoy cabbage salad and red onions

Fancy salmon and pumpkin? Here are both combined – oven baked pumpkin and roasted salmon with a refreshing savoy cabbage salad! What a tasty combination for your next healthy lunch or dinner!

vegan Asian dish with tempeh, spinach, tomatoes, orange, quinoa or rice, soy or tamari sauce, chili, garlic

Would you like to know how to prepare a meal with tempeh? Try this healthy recipe with vegan whole foods and convince yourself that it is healthy and tasty food. Healthy eating can be so joyful with yummy recipes!

vegan buddha bowl with rice noodles, broccoli, tofu, paprika, lime, corn, cilantro

Looking for new Buddha bowl ideas? This vegan noodle Buddha bowl comes along with caramelized tofu and rice noodles. A bowl full of healthy whole foods – a recipe that follows the clean eating principles for your healthy eating plan.

sugar free dessert made of whole foods such as banana, avocado, cocoa, cinnamon, raspberries, blueberries, physalis, goji berries, passion fruit, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat

Craving a chocolate pudding but prefer a sugar-free dessert? Here is how you can prepare your own healthy chocolate pudding made of whole foods only. No added sugars.

Why are Asians less prone to being overweight ?

Asians seem to suffer less from chronic lifestyle diseases and are less prone to being overweight in comparison to individuals with a Western diet. If you want to know how to bring your health to the next level, get the booklet "Secrets of a healthy Asian diet" and receive literally much more exclusive food for thought for free that won't be shared elsewhere.

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