Portuguese Fish Stes (Caldeirada)

Craving a fish stew? How about this Portuguese fish stew aka Caldeirada? It's a very simple recipe with easily purchasable ingredients like potatoes, paprika, and tomatoes. Try this comforting fish stew and covince yourself once again how tasty healthy food can be.

Salad with Sweet Potato and Pecan Nuts

Do you like a salad with extra tasty ingredients like sweet potato, pecan nuts, and pomegranate? Try this salad recipe, doesn’t only look lovely but also tastes amazingly. It's a low in histamine recipe and can be made vegan if you swap butter with coconut oil. Try it and convince yourself! It's great for parties, too!

Broccoli Shrimps Wok

This is a very simple wok dish with basically broccoli and shrimps. You can add shiitake mushrooms or other vegetables additionally, if you like. If you look for easy and tasty dinner ideas, here you have an easy Asian recipe. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Curry Soup

A soup can hardly be cooked any easier than this sweet potato curry soup. You could even have most of the ingredients already in your pantry. Enjoy this soothing coconut curry soup, especially on cold days!

Miso White Fish Soup

This fish soup comes along with Asian ingredients, not only with the miso paste involved but also vegetables and mushrooms like bok choy and enoki. We use, chili, ginger, and lime leaves to give it an extra Asian twist here. You must try and convince yourself of this way of preparing fish soup. It's so easy and delicious!

Hearty Creamy Mushroom Soup with Chickpeas

This mouthwatering vegan creamy mushroom soup is at the same time easy to prepare with plant-based whole foods and so delicious! You can customize it with herbs of choice to taste and make your own version of it. But the basic recipe is worth saving. You and your beloved ones will love this hearty, creamy mushroom soup.

Why are Asians less prone to being overweight ?

Asians seem to suffer less from chronic lifestyle diseases and are less prone to being overweight in comparison to individuals with a Western diet. If you want to know how to bring your health to the next level, get the booklet "Secrets of a health Asian diet" and receive literally much more exclusive food for thought for free that won't be shared elsewhere.

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