salmon with cooked with garlic and maple syrup, served with quinoa and French beans

Looking for a fish recipe? How about a sweet garlicky salmon dish? This one comes along with the healthy quinoa grain and French beans.

Buddha bowl with cauliflower sauce

Would you like to integrate more cauliflower into your healthy meal plan and you simply don't know how? How about processing it into a sauce? A sauce made of healthy whole foods only. How does this sound? Try and find out if this is something you want to repeat.

tofu cooked in tomatoes (vegan)

Want tofu in a different style? This is a very simple Asian tofu recipe. It's a vegan recipe, if you don't use fish sauce but salt instead. Give this tofu dish a try, along with Shiitake mushrooms and lady fingers. An easy and healthy recipe from the Asian cuisine.

Buddha bowl with beetroot and zucchini cream

Are you a fan of Buddha bowls and meal prep? Let me introduce you to this vegan Buddha bowl with a Buddha bowl dressing made of plant based whole foods. Have your veggies for your healthy eating plan in various way and enjoy eating healthy and tasty food.

Ceviche without raw fish

Here is a ceviche variation, which I think is easier than the original. In original recipes, usually white fish is used and is being denaturated by the lime juice in the course of several hours. I swapped raw fish with tofu and water chestnuts (optional), so that I don't have to wait that long. Some regions also use palm hearts, so I thought water chestnut could by a nice alternative for palm hearts. Try this ceviche variation and convince yourself!

Lime Shrimp Black Bean Avocado Salad

This party salad is to impress! For avocado and shrimp lovers, that's just an amazing combination. With the juice of lime, fresh herbs and the harmony of spices, it's a taste explosion. Cooking with healthy foods is so delicious, isn't it? Try and convince yourself of this seafood salad.

Why are Asians less prone to being overweight ?

Asians seem to suffer less from chronic lifestyle diseases and are less prone to being overweight in comparison to individuals with a Western diet. If you want to know how to bring your health to the next level, get the booklet "Secrets of a health Asian diet" and receive literally much more exclusive food for thought for free that won't be shared elsewhere.

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